The World I Imagine

A creative manual for ending poverty and building peace. The essays in this collection introduce creative ideas for ending poverty everywhere, in the hope that humans can finally build a truly peaceful society where everyone enjoys at least the basic benefits of prosperity, for the first time in history.

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Lion's Pride

The mystery set in 1911 Arizona, features murder, adultery, polygamy, and a marauding mountain lion threatening territorial residents! This exciting adventure novel was published by Outskirts Press in 2007.

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We want to know your thoughts on how to end poverty and build a peaceful world.

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multiMedia Page

Debbie's webcast, video, and other media appearances.


Since I began doing publicity for my books, I’ve had many wonderful opportunities to discuss my work with a growing number of intelligent, supportive, and inspiring people. I plan to share as many of these interviews as possible, both video and audio, on this page. Keep checking back often to see what’s new.


My Personal Videos AM Arizona
50 in 52 Journey Blog Talk Radio
The Authors Show Related Videos


My Personal Videos

For quite a while, I've been planning to make and edit my own videos, so I could use this uniquely 21st-century medium to advance my work. The learning curve was long because I had to teach myself a completely new skill while I searched for someone in our town to help me past the small issues that held me back at certain points along the way. I recently found that mentor, which gave me confidence to do my first home videos with my husband managing the camcorder. Soon I'll start teaching him the software so we can both promote our work, my writing and his art. It's a brand new century and a brave new world!


Speech Is Not Always Free

In my first personal video, I explain why I've decided to stop hiding my disability when I promote my writing and discuss my ideas for a future with no more war or poverty, my dream of a world where everyone enjoys peace and prosperity, even people with every kind of disability.


Gay Marriage: Why the Right has got it all wrong

Since March 2006, I've written many articles explaining why there is no valid reason for any true freedom-loving American to stand in the way of the civil rights of gays and lesbians who want to marry the person they love. It would violate no one else's religion, but laws preventing same-sex marriage do violate the religious rights of gays and lesbians, and the straight people like me and my husband who would dearly love to celebrate the legal and spiritual union of our gay and lesbian loved ones.

Part 1: The Religious Issues


Part 2: The Secular Issues

50 in 52 Journey

On December 2, 2009, I had the pleasure of discussing my work for peace with Dafna Michaelson for her inspiring documentary, 50 in 52 Journey. She recently posted that video, below, on the documentary’s website and on YouTube. Dafna spent all of 2009 traveling to each of the 50 states to interview several people in each state who are dedicating their lives to making this a better world for everyone. I must also thank Caitlin Flaherty, Executive Director of the Arizona Department of Peace Campaign, for generously inviting us to film the interview in her peaceful and inspiring backyard desert garden.

The Authors Show

This summer, I had the joy of being interviewed by Linda Thompson for The Authors Show on Linda knows how to make her guests feel totally comfortable and she's a published author herself. The same is true of producer and network owner Danielle Hampson, who also functions as the camera crew. It's fun to work with such ambitious and intelligent women. I hope to have the experience again when my future books are released.

AM Arizona

On April 20, 2009, I made my TV debut on "AM Arizona" on KAZT-TV in Prescott, AZ. Of course, I've done TV before, most notably in the early 1990s for my Night Owl's Newsletter, but this was the first one for my book, The World I Imagine: A creative manual for ending poverty and building peace.  I was delighted that we were able to discuss the vital role of community--one by one and, eventually, every community around the world--in the task of solving the problems of our society.

Blog Talk Radio

On December 14, 2010, I had the delightful experience of chatting with Cyrus Webb on his Blog Talk Radio program, "Conversations Live." Cyrus very patiently gave me plenty of room to fully explain the basic principles of my concept of building a better world, without poverty or war. We share an appreciation for the importance of education for everyone at every age. I look forward to chatting with Cyrus and many other Blog Talk Radio friends in the future.

Listen to internet radio with Cyrus Webb on Blog Talk Radio


One thing I enjoy about chatting with people who live in many different places is the fact that we have so much in common. At heart, people really want to help make this a better world, to provide education and employment opportunities for everyone, and finally, to end poverty and war around the world. On "Tough Talk with Tony Gambone" on October 17, 2011, Tony and I discussed using 21st-century technology to spread the word and generate conversations that could lead to more creative ideas people could use to help society eventually reach those goals.

Listen to internet radio with Tough Talk Radio Network on Blog Talk Radio


On December 12, 2011, I was delighted to experience my second interview with Dr. Rose, "The Complete Teacher," on his Blog Talk Radio Network program, "Rewiring Your Brain." This time we really dug into the issue of poverty in depth, discussing the reasons that humans still aren't able to resolve this age-old social problem, despite the historical progression toward enlightenment that has enabled societies to understand the serious economic and moral consequencies of perpetuating this terrible political practice.

Listen to internet radio with REWIRING YOUR BRAIN on Blog Talk Radio


Related Videos

If you’ll forgive a proud aunt, I must show off a recent video featuring my favored nephew, Dan Fritz, in his capacity as news producer for KPFK 90.7 FM, the L.A. station of the Pacifica Foundation Progressive Radio Network. Following is the report Dan posted on KPFK’s home page:

10-30-09 Climate Action Day
On October 24, environmental groups around the world held a day for climate action ahead of the Copenhagen talks later this year.
I collaborated with the folks at Green Observers who produced video on the action in Manhattan Beach.
More info can be found at

Now, here’s the video:

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