The World I Imagine

A creative manual for ending poverty and building peace. The essays in this collection introduce creative ideas for ending poverty everywhere, in the hope that humans can finally build a truly peaceful society where everyone enjoys at least the basic benefits of prosperity, for the first time in history.

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Lion's Pride

The mystery set in 1911 Arizona, features murder, adultery, polygamy, and a marauding mountain lion threatening territorial residents! This exciting adventure novel was published by Outskirts Press in 2007.

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We want to know your thoughts on how to end poverty and build a peaceful world.

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Jim Jordan has been painting for forty years, has had six one-man shows and exhibited in numerous juried shows. He worked first in oils but now also paints in acrylics.

His subjects include wildlife, landscapes, seascapes, and florals.

Since moving to Arizona in 2000, Jim has added many western subjects to his repertoire. Jim enjoys working with lights and shadows to relate an impressionist’s vision of his subjects.


Below is one of Jim's Arizona subjects. Click on the image to see the larger picture. Below the painting is a poem Debbie wrote around 1990 in a poetry workshop.


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ROCKS by Debbie Jordan


by Debbie Jordan

Rocks are not ugly,
they are God's sculpture.

Except, of course, for a few million acres in Texas,
where an antagonistic spirit did his damnedest
     to make the place as close to home--
          read, unlivable for humans--
               as he could.

Georgia O'Keefe knew what God meant
and showed us the beauty
     in skulls
          and rocks
               and a single flower--
death, sculpture, life--
     divine art.

See the geode--
     shining beauty within crude beauty,
or the crystals--
     dripping water hardening
          into shapes formed
               by divine hands.

Look at the simple stone
     with uniform roundness
          and flatness
               and ovalness--
perfect in its symmetry--
     imperfect in its flaws--
          and beautiful.

The child sees the stone--
     not unique,
          like a million other stones--
               but unique,
                    its own stone--

God's sculpture--
     like the child--
          not unique,
               like a million other kids--
                    but unique,
                         with its own soul--

                                                  God's handiwork too.


Posted with gratitude to Gloria Smith,
Casa Grande Valley Fine Art Association


© 2007 Debbie Jordan