Since compiling the above list of recipes to prevent and treat colds and flu, I've heard that eating sauerkraut on a regular basis is a wonderful way to prevent viral infections.  Of course, sauerkraut is usually served alongside such treats as hot dogs or sausage and potatoes, good old American fare or hearty German meals.

But did you know sauerkraut can be used as an ingredient in chocolate cake? When I heard about this treat on CNN, I found numerous internet web sites that feature variations of this treat and many other tricks for disguising the tangy taste of this vegetable concoction.  So, if you aren't fond of the sharp taste of sauerkraut, but you want to include it in your diet to protect your health, just look it up in your favorite search engine and whip up one of those sweet treats.  And do let me know how your cake turns out.  I might want to try one myself!

Meanwhile, I confess I'm a fan of the tart treat served straight up, along with vegetarian hot dogs and tofu "cheese" slices.  A very healthy menu, indeed!


Debbie Jordan