(Originally featured in Arizona City Independent Edition, May 5, 2004)

Cats are the clerks of the universe,
God's furry little bean counters.

Their life's work, to inventory all
their humans' possessions,
then sit on them, protect them,
hatch them.

Their task done,
they know every item in the collection.
Safe now,
they amble fearlessly
through the land mines of goods,
glancing neither right nor left.

Feeling secure,
they climb,
and leap onto the highest peak,
settle into a contented furball
and survey their domain.

Then something is added,
or moved,
and the cat creeps,
and records
in that exacting little cat brain
all the new properties,
and dimensions,
and boundaries
of his changing universe.

Caught up again,
he pays no more heed,
as he sits,
and indolently surveys
all that he controls.


Debbie Jordan